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Blues for the New Year!

Join us this week (12/30/12) as Time for the Blues rings in the New Year early! We'll have some cool New Year's blues tracks (and they aren't easy to find!) and Henry might wax nostalgic about past New Year's Eves! Believe me, I'll do my best to stop him! We'll also have an announcement for special shows in January!

The New Year is always an exciting time for us, and we hope for you as well. The New Year brings with it the possibilities of greatness, of creating new and exciting possibilities, and in Henry’s case, the chance to watch football pretty much non-stop until the Super Bowl. And we may be early, but we plan on welcoming in the New Year with a mix of new (to us, anyway) and classic sides.

Just about every year, we make another New Year’s Resolution to do better shows of Time for the Blues. Generally we break that resolution by the second or third show and it’s back to the same old craziness that we’ve been doing the past six years. In other words, more great music, more bad jokes, and more silly premises that hopefully make you laugh at what’s happened in our lives.

Let’s concentrate on the great music part. How about a side from Mr. Charles Brown, one of our favorites this time of year? Henry has been working overtime trying to find us some new works and has come up with selections from Roy Milton and His Solid Serenaders as well as Smokey Hogg. They may not exactly be “new” but we’re playing them for the first time.

Just as a favor to me, we’re going to have a selection from the legendary Etta James. Re-examining her career this past year has confirmed for me just how great she was and you better believe we’ll continue to play more from her whenever we can make the chance.

It wouldn’t be a party without Johnny Copeland, and even Lightnin’ Hopkins gets into the act. A couple of classics and then we’ve got The Orioles. No, not that baseball team from Baltimore – they wouldn’t fit in our studios, but the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame singing group to bring us a little R & B Doo-Wop flavor to the festivities.

I‘ve never heard of Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters (okay, I’ve heard of Grady Gaines but not the rest), but Henry says they’re a lot of fun so he’s invited them to the party. Joining them will be T-Bone Walker and the Johnny Otis Orchestra.

Then I can’t believe we haven’t played this particular track from George Thorogood & The Destroyers, but Henry checked the records and sure enough we haven’t, so we’re going to correct that mistake right away. Don’t want to miss that. And then just to take us out on a high note, the J. Geils Band rocks the house for us.

So practice staying up late for the real New Year’s Eve by hanging out with us and listening to some great music. And this year our resolution is to show up and play some great music. The jokes, well, they’re probably going to still be bad…

From all of us here at Time for the Blues World Headquarters (Henry, Me, Ian, Shawn, and Ben), have fun but please be responsible. We want you to be around next year to hear more great music! Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Sundays at 1:00 AM.