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Time for the Blues

Unusual Supects #4!

Join us this week (7/14/13) as Time for the Blues features another epsiode of the "Unusual Suspects"--artists not primarlily known for the blues! Hey, as we've said all along, sooner or later everyone sings the blues! Who are they this time? You'll have to listen to find out! But read on to see some new stuff we'll be featuring as well!

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To! And Have Some Bacon Fat!

Make sure you stay up late and join us this week on Time For The Blues (7/7/13). Henry and I have been cooking up some great new sounds for you and we’ve even included a side of Bacon Fat! Actually, several sides. This late 60's west coast group featured a young harp whiz Rod Piazza! We'll also check out the Rounder Records story!

James Cotton, Albert Castiglia and Alligator Sampler!

Henry and I hope you will join us this week (5/5/13) on Time For The Blues as we’ve prepared one of those shows that will live in infamy! We’re pulling out all the stops and bringing you the best blues in our price range, and we’ve blown our whole month’s budget on this show. Well, maybe not, but we have new James Cotton and Albert Castiglia's incredible guitar!

Elvis Unleaded?

Elvis Unleaded? What's up with that? Check out Time for the Blues this week (4/21/13) as we reveal the mystery behind this cool CD and check out more tracks from Albert King's "Born Under a Bad Sign Remastered" as well as some way cool crossovers! Don't you just love quirky, imaginative CD premises like this?


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