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Alligator's 40th Anniversary and More Steve Miller Blues!

This week on Time For The Blues (11/23/13), Henry and I are cooking up a tasty little late-night dessert and serving up some hot tunes just for you. So kick back in your favorite chair and turn up the headphones and listen to the music–you just might want to ignore the silly jokes.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the things that are happening right now are the result of things that happened years and years ago? I’m talking specifically about the year 1971. For many of you, 1971 only exists in history books, but the stars were aligning in order to make this week's show a very special one.

You see, in 1971, National Public Radio first signed onto the air. The group that made our station possible (who would one day decide on pairing up two crazy individuals for a late night blues show) first made its presence known. Along the way, many other well-known shows began their runs and found their way into your hearts.

It was also the year that Alligator Records was founded by Bruce Iglauer when the company we was working for at the time – a very well-known record label based in Chicago that specialized in blues and jazz – passed on his suggestion to record Hound Dog Taylor and the House Rockers. So Iglauer scraped every cent together that he could, made the record and started a blues label that keeps on rocking today.

And yes, Time For The Blues has featured Hound Dog Taylor in the past and may have to do it again.

So every five years or so, Alligator Records puts out a killer retrospective and we’ve collected the 20th, 25th, 30th, and 35th, anniversary collections, but we were missing the 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Enter the wish list. As you may have heard on the show from time to time, we were fortunate enough to get a few CDs that were on our wish list. Oh yeah, we are constantly updating that list in order to keep bringing you some fantastic blues. So this week, we’re going to sample some killer songs from my old pal Eddie “The Chief” Clearwater. (I was lucky enough to introduce The Chief at a show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts back around 1999-2000.) How about the man with the black body guitar? The one and only Son Seals is representing along with Luther Allison and Marcia Ball's got a party going on!.

If that wasn’t enough, Henry has put together another intriguing set that examines the Steve Miller Band’s contribution to the blues. No Space Cowboys of Love on this, but some amazing songs that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy.

Every once in a while we like to look at some of the great performers we discovered that just blew us away. This week we take a look back at an Australian concert given by the great keyboardist Jon Lord. If that name sounds familiar, look at the back of your Deep Purple albums or check out the playlists of Performance Today. You’ll find Lord’s name on both. Here he (and a quickly recruited band) put together an amazing concert and we’re going to sample just a little bit. You'll love the side story we'll share with you about this.

But wait, there’s more. Listen for Billy Thompson, who is one of our favorite artists, Guy Davis, and local favorites, Barrelhouse.

So what are you waiting for? Set that alarm to remind you to tune Saturday night. You know you want to hear some great music and see what we’re up to, and heck, we’ve always got room for one more at the party. Time for the Blues with John Porter and Henry Cook airs Saturdays at 11:00 p.m.

Got a group or artist you want to hear on the show? Give us a shout here and we'll do right by you!