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Rene Marie Pays Tribute to Music of Eartha Kitt

Rene Marie is an artist familiar to many of our listeners because she used to live and perform in Richmond. In the years since she moved away, she has recorded several critically acclaimed albums and with each new release has become more assured of her own artistic vision. Her most recent recordings have veered away from the standard songs that populate most  jazz albums, instead focusing on her own songs.  It came as something of a surprise that her new recording was a tribute album. It’s called “I Wanna Be Evil – With Love to Eartha Kitt.”

I spoke to Rene about what inspired her to make the recording. The segment begins with the title cut from the new album. It features Rene Marie on vocals; Wycliffe Gordon, trombone; Adrienne Cunningham, reeds; Etienne Charles, trumpet; Kevin Bales, piano; Elias Bailey, bass and Quentin Baxter on percussion.