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Interview: The No BS! Brass Band

In October of 2010, Richmond’s No BS! Brass Band released a new self-titled CD. They were also featured in the line-up of the 3rd Richmond Folk Festival. In the past, there have been traditional New Orleans Brass Bands festured at the annual event.

No BS! is a band that has come up with a completely original take on brass band music – an approach that has much more in common with rock and roll than with traditional jazz. Listen to the interview below.

Album Notes from the No BS! CD: No BS! Brass Band is a powerful brass band that embraces the spirit of New Orleans into its original East Coast modern funk. Their danceable arrangements are outstandingly well thought-out and organized, drawing inspiration from funk, jazz, klezmer, calypso, and Led Zeppelin. Nearly every member has had conservatory training, holding various Bachelors and Masters degrees in music. Based in Richmond, Virginia, this band has quickly earned a reputation as a premiere band to see for an evening of heart-pounding energy and uncontrollable dancing.