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Eurocrime and the Experimental Jazz Group “Glows in the Dark”

Richmond guitarist Scott Burton, who leads the experimental jazz group Glows in the Dark, has  composed some soundtrack music for a forthcoming documentary called Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the ’70s. (Think cheaply made Italian versions of Dirty Harry, The French Connection and The Godfather and you’ll get the idea).

Scott performed some of his original music for the documentary plus some music he’s transcribed from 1970’s Italian crime movies at a live dance event recently (February 24). He spoke with me about the project (listen below).


From GITD’s Website: Glows in the Dark is an avant garde jazz quintet based in Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 2007 by Scott Burton as a new outlet for his music, GITD is an on-going attempt to meld jazz and free improvisation with the storytelling qualities of film. Taking cues and inspiration from everyone from J Dilla to Ennio Morricone to Yes, the band combines melody with chaos and processes the mix through it’s filter of five distinct personalities. By taking old films and adapting their story structure to music, Burton and company have come up with a unique songwriting process that continues to surprise.

Filmmaker Mike Malloy’s facebook Page

Trailer for documentary (warning – adult language):