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Richmond Jazz Artist Lucy Kilpatrick Releases Debut CD

Lucy Kilpatrick is a Richmond-based piano player who divides her time between working as a kindergarten teaching assistant, teaching private piano students and working in all kinds of different freelance engagements from nightclubs to churches. A solid piano player with a quiet and humble personality, Lucy is the opposite of the ambitious self-promotional musician who releases albums as soon as he or she is out of school. She waited to until she really  had something to say before she released her own recording.


In trying to come up with a title for this week's World Music Show (10/24) I landed on the above word "Roustabout." When double checking the meaning, one of the definitions is "Circus Laborer," which pretty much sums up this week's show. On the one hand, when I cull together tracks for a two-hour show dedicated to World Music, I often feel like a ringmaster--you know, coordinating various animals of music and fitting them into an entertaining show.

In Your Ear Episode 34: Mipso

Here at In Your Ear, we continue to marvel at the abundance of creative young, string bands based in North Carolina…making their own way through an enduring tradition. In this program, we spotlight a quartet from piedmont NC called Mipso, which is a name that they just made up back in 2010…a word that didn’t previously exist, but a word that’s now come to mean well-crafted tunes, haunting harmonies and wonderfully casual and engaging stage presence.


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