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50 for 50

It's a law of averages. Or perhaps it's a matter of space on the airwaves. But for the two hours allotted for The World Music Show, I average roughly 15 to 18-songs per hour, depending on length of the songs and what vital background information I try to impart between songs. So, at the end of each show, you've hopefully heard around 30 or so songs that have taken you on a mini-sound journey around the planet.

Slouching Toward Acoustic

It could just be that time of year. You know, when the sun sets practically after it rises and the chill in the air makes one want to hibernate for an entire month. It's the time of year when there are nights when you want stoke the flames, prop the feet and let your mind drift while hearing a more mellow soundtrack. It's with this mindset that this week's World Music Show (12/8) is based upon.

What the What?

What the what? Can it really be the beginning of December?  I feel like I just blinked and all of the sudden, here we are. And with that, here we are discussing this week's World Music Show (12/1). Like all the many parts that make up a year--the seasons, the highs and lows of life--this week's show will be somewhat in the same vein, which means basically a mix-up of genres and styles. In fact, to beat this comparison a tad longer, the show may be little like one long run-on sentence, ala a Jack Kerouac novel. 


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