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A Little Down Time

Perhaps it's the impending holidays or I guess you can say that we've now jumped off the high dive and are hurtling toward the watery abyss of holiday madness below. Halloween? Done! Thanksgiving? Just up ahead. You can see where I'm going with this. So, on this week's World Music Show (11/7), I'm going to help you slow down a bit. Because if we don't take a few moments to just take a breath, then before you know it, it'll be a new year and a new set of holidays.

In Your Ear Episode 35: Walker and Groopman / Idlewheel

This program featured a duo that shares some fertile common ground. Jacob Groopman is a native Richmonder who now calls Richmond, California home and Melody Walker is from the bay area of San Francisco. From their west coast vantage point they’ve led the band Front Country to winning the prestigious Telluride and RockyGrass competitions. And Melody’s song “Black Grace” won the Chris Austin songwriting contest at Merlefest a few years back.

Charles Owens Trio Visits WCVE's Studios Part 2

Saxophonist Charles Owens is releasing a new recording on the Richmond label Jellowstone Records. The Album is called “A Day with Us” and features drummer Devonne Harris and bassist Andrew Randazzo. I invited Charles to come to our studios to perform some of the music off of his new recording. They perform Frank Loesser’s “Slow Boat to China,” an original called “Dutch,” Gershwin’s “The Man I Love,” and the Ellington/Tizol classic, “Caravan.”


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