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Jane Bunnett and Maqueque Play Richmond September 8th

For more than thirty years, Toronto-based saxophonist and flautist Jane Bunnett has been studying, teaching and performing with Cuban musicians. She’s collaporated with both established legendary performers and young up-and-coming musicians. Her current band features fuve brilliant female Cuban musicians: Dayme Arocena, Magdelys Sevigne, Yissy Garcia, Danae Olano and Celia Jimenez.

Where the Fun Begins

You know, a ton of shows, be it of the radio or television kind, may lay claim that theirs is the place where the fun begins. But, I happen to have it on good authority (from a certain big, yellow bird), that this place--and this show, is actually where the fun begins. So, on this week's World Music Show (8/29), I'll set out to prove any naysayers wrong. I'm not sure if a gauntlet will be thrown down or not, but we'll see.

A World of Pictures & Sound

Sometimes it's great to just take a journey into sound through the visual of pictures. So for this week's blog about this week's World Music Show (8/22), I'll attempt to express just that. And, in another attempt, I'll try to limit the verbiage I usually give to these blogs and try, hard as I might, to just skim through the highlights. Because when it comes down to it, the best way to experience the World Music Show is just tune in.


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