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Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a musician in a band. And though I do have the stereotypical fantasy of being on stage, singing and playing guitar to an adoring audience, I also fantasize about writing a set list for an upcoming show. Usually, this fantasy involves me being Elvis Costello or David Byrne. Yes, my nerd-dom knows no bounds. And while I’m no where near being a musician, I am fortunate enough to be able to assemble playlists. It’s the closest thing I’ll get to being on stage.

LIVE vs. Studio and New Grill Recipe: A Crouded BBQ Part II “Surf ‘n’ Chirp”

Nothing like late night food served up with great music on a hot summer’s night! For your edification this week at Cafe Croude is my take on Simple Sesame Salmon from my kitchen adjacent to our sonic bistro. Before we run over to comestibles, the Music. Listen to the great Al D on the enclosed video clip while you’re scanning this. You’ll hear it in HD on the show this week.

Hot Weather Cool Music: A Crouded BBQ Part I

Yes… RECIPES! Read On. An invitation to share yours, too.

Every season has its music. Best example is Christmas. You wouldn't expect to hear It Came Upon A Midnight Clear on the Croude in July… well, maybe you would. 

By similar analogy I would never play Eric Johnson's Desert Rose in December. But you will hear it on this show. For me there are certain sound colours, time signatures and vibes that characterize every month of the year. The aforementioned EJ song has July written all over it.


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