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WTF (“Who’s the Folkie?”)

“Ever hear of this Robert Zimmerman??”

You have to imagine that’s what raced through the minds of Brandeis University students in May, 1963. Bob Dylan wasn’t famous and played the metaphorical second fiddle to those such as Pete Seeger, Jean Redpath and others.  His music was accepted enthusiastically and the concert taped....AND....buried for decades.

Recently this was released and you’ll hear a vibrant, passionate and funny Bob Dylan from that event.  I will say its a far cry from the uninspired, musically dour figure I witnessed in concert back in 2007.  Elvis Costello stole the show from Mr. Z bearing only a single guitar.  I had looked forward to seeing Dylan for the first time and was treated to a man who neither face nor addressed the audience, mumbled and rapped lyrics with only a shadow of melody--and made me wonder why he even bothered to concertize. It was like Stepford Dylan.  At least on the show this week you'll hear what made him famous and a legend in those grand years of the 1960s . 

You’ll also hear up and coming acoustic musicians....the best of the best....that have come into my survey stack.  You won’t know their names I’d will remember their music.  Its my unofficial “opening act” for the Dylan concert.

All of this makes for a sonic electric/ acoustic sandwich...musical bookends this week provided by le troubadors of May from across the pond.  Namely, the poetry of Ian Anderson via Jethro Tull and the unmistakable creativity of Gentle Giant. Looking at it another way...the audio preface and postlude to our “Who’s the Folkie?” motif.

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