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Welcome to Bluesville, Son

Its part of the great dialogue from the 1986 motion picture, Crossroads. Its part of the banter between fiction Willie Brown and Lightnin’ Boy. The latter not exactly happy about sharing the back of a wagon with crates of chickens. Later on Willie Brown explains to a female runaway, “I’m the bluesman...he’s from long island.” I’ve always laughed at that since hence where I hail from. But in New York my discovering real life bluesmen in concert... Albert King and Muddy Waters.

Muddy was the headliner on the night I first saw the Dixie Dregs. And during Muddy’s encore, Johhnny Winter’s jumped on stage to jam. As they say...those were the days.

We’re 75% of the way through July and this week the Croude enters my sonic town of Bluesville featuring great recordings from Muddy, Sonny Terry and Ry Cooder, Charlie Sayles, Robert Johnson. Hot, sticky summers as only Richmond, VA can offer are backdrop for this week’s journey into America’s most primal music. 

Our spotlight is on Muddy...but...there are newer names in the bin with contemporary power. The best female (former) tele player Joanane Shaw Taylor presents her firey blues riffing complimenting her whisky voiced alto. Perhaps even more rare on the east coast...Texas Strat wizard Tony Vega. There is tone and then there is tone. Tony’s got the latter. I certainly hope we don’t have to wait till he dies for him to get the legendary label associated with his virtuosity.


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