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Vinyl in the Sky with Diamonds

On this first weekend of May... yes, there will be Beatles but not from that disc.  Its a surprise.  What isn’t a surprise to me is how great my snap, crinkle & pop platters (a.k.a. LP records) sound.  We have a saying in Croudeland.  Be good to your vinyl and it will be good to you. There is a decidedly English edge to this week’s assortment before we head back across the pond to the colonies.  Part of a sonic celebration--WCVE Public Radio turns 24 years old this Sunday.  And the Croude is now 27.  No word on how old the Cricket is.

So... static brushed and discwashed... ye olde platters from the 70’s sound so much cooler than the CDs.  In the mix from my personal collection... Gryphon, Fleetwood Mac, Tull, Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Gentle Giant, a really cool out-of-print Dregs disc and a postlude with David Lee Roth/Steve Vai/Billy Sheehan.


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