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Vinyl-ly Yours

In an age where people are so concerned about being green...less care is devoted to the care and feeding of your brain--especially as concerns music. The human body can react in very different ways to MP3s, .wav files, CDs and the once forsaken black platter--also known as the 331/3 rpm record.

I’ve done A/B comparisons with CDs/vinyl... more often than not, digital re-mastering takes away from the visceral impact of music.

If you tune into late night TV, its no longer unusual to see Kimmel/Letterman and others holding up a featured band’s album...not a CD. Lest you all kids are enamored with iTunes--they aren’t. That’s a great sign--as constant diets of MP3s retrain the way your brain interprets music--and not for the better. A couple of years ago a group of kids came by my air studio--we chatted about music and I dared ask the question, “does anyone know what a ‘record’ is?” Much to my delight, vigorous hands went up excitedly, mainly the girls.

What a breath of fresh oxygen. On the other side, its depressing to hear adults boast of having over 20,000 tunes/songs on their iWhateverSome say its nostalgia. No argument there. But not everything new is grand. Do I still play CDs? As that gov from Alaska was fond of saying, “you betcha.” Many indies can’t afford to do vinyl--and the market is small compared to other media. Better to hear them on CD than not hear them at all. Better hear them on vinyl.

Vinyl now costs more than surprise. When black & white feature films were brought back, lab costs skyrocketed for post production--since--color ruled at the box office. But yours truly loves collecting what I affectionately refer to as snap,crinkle and pop.

And that’s what I’m serving up this week on the Croude...audiophile vinyl, half speed mastered vinyl, vinyl that is factory sealed and hasn’t been opened in 35 years (makes me feel like a grand Indiana Jones of Musical Archeology), and simply great great works of analog recording.

Who? That’s a surprise! I will say their date ranges cover 1976 thru 1983...with every breath I take. A sonic smorgasboard of genres to let you feel nuance and what the artist really intended you to hear. Long live the stylus and kids savvy enough to feel the vibe! God gave us ears...not laser sensors on the sides of our head.

Check this out for analog clarity.


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