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The teacher asked what I did on my summer vacation: AREA 51?

Let's see.  Two new books for you--AREA 51 by investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen and The Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook, former aviation editor of Jane's Defence Weekly.  And of course the music.  As diverse as Area 51 is complicated its not a black and white issue.  There are those who are convinced the secret military installation [which does not exist according to the US government] is a secret base where fake moon landings were staged and aliens are housed.  Other questions pop into existance as rapidly as the quantum flux... is the base evil?  Or heroic?  How about both?

The inception of this facility initially protected America from its worst enemies in the past days of the cold war. Planes which still hold air speed records - though retired - were created here.  Then, the contamination came by way of Operation Paperclip.  The U.S. plundering of Nazi technology after WWII also included Nazi scientists who were given haven in our country.  Albert Einstein warned against this.  He maintained it was undemocratic and dangerous.  That's part of the story Jacobson relates in her book and author Nick Cook, ventures beyond that.  Both authors complement each other's work though separated by a decade of time.  The resulting and shocking conclusions figure heavily into what happened at the Roswell crash sites reported 61 years ago this weekend.  Its a lot more interesting than any ficitonal X File, too.

Electrogravitics, the scientific definition for anti-gravity, was all the rage until 1956 with aerospace corporations.  Then it vanished.  Like it never existed.  A similar model took place when fission was researched in the early 1930s.  When the Manhattan Project began all talk of it vanished too. Suddenly.  And neither author deals with John Searl, the British father of inverse gravity.  Seventeen summers ago I interviewed him for broadcast on these airwaves and eventually nationally.  That's a separate mystery.  For replication of free energy experiments visit :

Its not unusual musicians should be ahead of publishing in terms of chronology and insight.  

So with the captains of these mighty nations

Awash in a sea of blind mistrust

The man on the street receives information

designed to conceal the obvious

......the lyrics  of the progressive rock group Barnabas.  

This week's offering has the thought provoking content of Ian Anderson, Philip Glass , Rez Band, all from my snap, crinkle and pop collection...aka vinyl.  The Croude also welcomes new comers The Sunrise and others.  There are certainly a lot of opinions on all this.  Jimi Hendrix once said "music opens the doors then you can preach".  As musically seductive as Radiohead and Klaatu can be, they propagate the gospel of ufology.    

There's more but as the saying goes “do you have a need to know?” Mulder and Scully never even came close.  You will when you have a Close Encounter of the M kind this Saturday night.

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