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In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

How is pop culture from the 70’s Alien Ated?  Don’t write....its not a typo in Krell.

But you can comment on the show--and I would love to hear your thoughts. On one level, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd has become the Pyramid mystery of  the 20th Century... at least musically. There’s a lot of psycho-babble on Wikipedia about whether or not the music was deliberately manipulated to co-incide with the film, The Wizard of Oz. Its easy to pull up alleged definitions to justify or not justify your case. In fact, its easier to do that than explain away the uncanny co-incidences that do appear if you synchronize the beginning fo the album with the third roar of the MGM Lion in Wizard

Lets play Columbo. The band denies any funny stuff. So does Alan Parsons, the recording engineer. Here we insert ancient Chinese maxim. If A is right, B is not wrong. Pointing fingers at the aforementioned lot is futile--and really doesn’t solve anything. To the best of my knowledge though--I never recall seeing a response from brilliant mix engineer Chris Thomas. He was brought in when a number of band members couldn’t settle on one definitive mix and arguments ensued. For the record - and since I will be playing half-speed mastered Super Vinyl on the show - that bad pun is deservedly justified. Let me say Thomas is brilliant at what he does. While he was working on the Floyd project he was also mixing Procul Harum’s masterpiece Grand Hotel. He’s also worked with The Beatles. If Chris Thomas were to drop by tomorrow and issue a definitive denial--that would take a lot of steam out of all this. As one of my co-workers noted, someone could tweak the songs and instrumentals from the master tape (speeding up/slowing down) and duly create what many of us have witnessed by way of the contraversy. Since the album is only two tracks... one per side... if you listen carefully the fading piano tone on Side One is an ascending pitch bend. Perhaps a bit of stretched master tape? To bad there’s not a Warren Commission for the recording industry... we would certainly, ah, er... ahem ahem... know the truth.

Even without , this sonic icon survived for a record number of years on the charts like no other disc of vinyl ever did. Fans already are aware of its flawless production, imaginative writing/melodies and innovation (David Gilmore along with Pete Townsend among the first to use a new too call sequencing, although PT earns first place in that race). Also, it is a sonic bio of the post modern age for better or worse. On a sadder note, Dark Side became a fertile gound for at least one lawsuit like so many others from the so-called free reign of rock liberty. Singer Clare Torry who provided the chilling vocalise on the disc sued for her share--and won--partial authorship rights which netted her a lot more than the 30 pounds for a Sunday afternoon’s work. In that mix... the Airplane, Stones, Procul to name a few. Its always money, right? But Torry did deserve what ever was not disclosed in that settlement--without her vocals there would be no great gig in the sky.

You have some of my thoughts. I’m bringing the music for the show. You bring a DVD or VHS tape. Let me know what you discover.

Of course, you can always leave your comments here and share with all. As a warm up act, I’ll also delve into another masterpiece. Neil Peart’s excursion into a universe where worthwhile music is banned. Somethilng that saved another progressive rock band called RUSH from extinction.


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