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Ry & Steve at the Crossroads: 25 Years Later

Despite the fact that its fiction with a number of historical and spiritual errors, the 1986 film featuring a musical score by Ry Cooder is still the best film about Guitar-dom ever made. John Fusco's screenplay given one off direction by Walter Hill elevates a simple story to mythical proportion. Not to mention the virtuosity of Steve Vai and Cooder's slide work enhanced with a number of blues legends. Listeners will also be able to hear that deleted musical duel between Cooder and Val--something not normally available in listening circles. That's one side of our 4th of July weekend show. A musical tributary of sorts in this watershed year of Robert Johnson's 100th  birthday.

Since this country came to be with a hammered separation from Ol' Albion, its natural you'll hear music with a conscience from that side of the pond as well. You'll hear from numerous styles through the years – think Hegelian dialectic from The Who, sonic missiles from Def Leppard, and post apocalyptic musings from Richard Thompson.

From our own shores comes one of Eric Clapton's fave players, Danny Flowers. With a plaintive voice and dobro, he delivers an unforgettable message of peace. There will be a dash of the nostalgic via the swampy charisma of John Fogarty & friends.

And since Jim Morrison died 40 years this Sunday, I include a special listen-back to his poetry and music. Morrison was one of the true intellects of the 60s, with an IQ of 149 and a level of rebellious insight to match. Although at one time he said if he had to do it over again, he might have chosen the corporate route. Suite and tie. Large office.  Secretary. Was he kidding or not? What would Ed Sullivan have thought?

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