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The River Knows...

The Music:
Joe Bonamassa   Monte Montgomery   Leslie West   Doug Austin   Eileen Edmonds   [New] Heart   Emmylou Harris/The Band   The Doors   Steve Morse Band   Chuck Jonkey Cathy Horner   Brad Paisley.

The Idea:
...this week’s title poetically prophetic line is from The Doors a generation ago. And will remain so as long as imaginations are alive. Its that time of late summer when people here think of the rivuh--and that makes me think of the songs and tunes that permeate The Electric Croude this week. We set sail on the USS Gee Tarr.

I don’t want to talk too much about the music. I want it to be a sonic journey in the Croudelight Zone--sometimes smooth, sometimes rough--sometimes loud, sometimes soft--its eddies always expanding in diversive sonic tributaries that I hope are unexpected and entertaining for you. Its fun to mix national & local artists. Makes no difference to me whether you’re making $85 million a year or less--talent is my plumbline of what i enjoy presenting to you. This week’s program was originally scheduled for an earlier air date--technical complications outside of our facilities prevented that in analog capacity.

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My co-host at Café Croude--Hermie the Wistful Cricket--dodging the Frogger. But, of course.