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Remembering September 11th

The Music:
Heart/Richard White/Suzanne Vega/Rush/Jeff Beck/Kati Mac/U2/Apocalyptica/Twisted Gypsies/Blind Faith/ PJ Harvey

The Show:
Its always something of an emotional Mobius “trip.” Yes trip, for me--the two weekends comprising Labor Day and the weekend prior to September 11. Its a quick quantum leap from joy to mourning. Somehow the passing of the years has not softened the impact. But that’s not bad. I don’t ever want to forget. In this day and age its all to easy to become jaded about anything. We are oversaturated with commercial media.

More than ever the music speaks for itself this week. Its an internal soundtrack for me by way of instrumentals and songs... some from native New Yorkers like me, others from those who simply love New York--and still more that have nothing to do with that horrible day or event --but--serve as a touchstone. By being cathartic, music can also heal like few forces in the universe.

This is also the first year I will feature an interview. Earlier in the summer I named Kati Mac’s new CD Save Me from Myself as one of the top 13 Croude picks for 2012. In that same time period I learned she was at ground zero. If you are not familiar, she is a nationally recognized composer/singer/songwriter. You can learn more at katimac.comShe is also a survior of ground zero with an amazing and uplifting story to tell. Its inspiring on a number of levels and you’ll be able to hear her musical artistry as well.

This show is a memorial to to the victims... those no longer with us as well as the survivors. That’s why I do a roll call of those who perished from my high school in Queens, NY, Holy Cross. I truly wish I had time to read the name of every victim in the three locations.

If the music puts you through a roller coaster ride of emotions but allows you to exit in stronger fashion, consider yourself blessed. You can still feel.  Which is more than I can say for those who committed these atrocities.


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