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Strange title – well, yes. And obviously a play on words. The Italian flag colours in honor of Italian musicians as we celebrate International Guitar Month and Richard White, who will be in our studio this week as we talk about his new band Divining Sage and disc The Universe Room.

One of my earliest memories of electric guitar (which obviously planted seeds) was my Dad bringing home Tony Mottola's Roman Guitar. It’s still a classic from 1960 and sets the tone for this week’s show. His Neopolitan Tarentella from 51 years ago was a forerunner to the passion, shredding and glory of the instrument that comes full circle when we experience Al Di Meola at the close of the program. I can’t begin to list all the great Italian artists out there...and having only one hour makes it that much more difficult. Needless to say in this first part of the show you’ll experience the wondrous playing of Steve Vai, Warren Cuccurullo and Vai’s teacher Joe “Satch” Satriani. Musical bookends from the East coast and Missing Persons’ tonemeister from the West.

In between, a chat with Richard White as he graced our studios this week to discuss his latest EP. About 8 years ago I had the honor of producing Richard’s first release Firefly's Dream. It should have made Richard a house hold name but as Will Ray once told me...“it’s not the music business but the music BUSINESS”. In other words, record companies special in mediocrity forcing artists to become indies.

Our musical sandwich gets us back to Italian players with the understated playing of John Pisano--as a kid I was a Herb Alpert freak and that eventually got me into brass in grade school years--little did I realize back then how much Pisano (as a charter member of TJB) did to round out the sound on guitar. We honor that and all show off his chops in another track with his wife Jeanne (together The Flying Pisanos)--a superb jazz vocalist. Can’t leave out Pat Martino...a great duet with him and a return visit from Satch as their diametrically opposed sound colours whirl the sonic blades of the Croude’s blender.

And as I mentioned above, going out with a bang from AlD. As we like to say sometimes, B# but C-naturally.

The Electric Croude airs every late Saturday at Midnight EDT on WCVE public radio. Now 26 years young.

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