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My Midsummer Night’s Dream

The bain of commercial music radio nowadays is the limited number songs forced in repetiton ad nauseum. No finesse. No sense of season. No poetry in programming. To borrow a phrase, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a PH.d in music) to understand that music is created with a certain mindset--in a certain time, space, intent and emotion. Its the reason we play Christmas carols in December--not August.

So... this Saturday night you will hear a number of thematic songs and tunes dealing with the night scape of July. Hot weather, sounds of the desert and exotic aural colors saturate the aether from virtuoso artists interfacing with a sonic canvas--a dais unveiled at the midnight hour--our note painters including Al di Meola, Tommy James, Eric Johnson, Radiohead, Chris Isaak, Richard White, Terje Rypdal and Wu Man’s wah-ed out pipa. This music occupies a special niche as we ride upon the starlit skies of Seventh Month--dreamy strings from west to east in the hand’s of masters.

Et alia--in Croudeland there’s alwasys something going on--Café Croude coming to a 16x9 screen soon. With my co-producer and your webmaster Marshall Lloyd--the new web series will feature special concerts from local artists. For me, that puts the community in your Community Idea Stations.


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