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My Genre-Ation

Who’s next, Tommy?  Ok. No more bad puns as we enter our concluding weekend of celebration with International Guitar Month (IGM).

If you are a player you’ll dig this... Jimi Hendrix would have been 70 this year and Guitar Player magazine has the maestro as its cover subject for the May issue.  A lot of what Jimi did has not been widely heard from across the pond but you will on this week’s Croude--his BBC sessions.

 Many of you know it took the former empire to discover and laud America’s own before he achieved success over here.  These recordings span 1967-1969 and still sound delightfully fresh and spontaneous.  For those of us who never had the opportunity to see Jimi live--this is the next best thing.  You’ll hear some faves but also the improvisational genius as he whips up a jingle for the BBC’s Radio One.  If you’re a tone freak like me, its a great avenue to hear him front load his Marshalls with an early fuzz face pedal.  While the mystery and debate is ongoing of germanium or silicon transistors before hitting the tubes, his trademark Strat, it doesn’t get any better than this along with fellow bandmates Noel & Mitch rounding out the Experience

Hendrix was entering the height of his creative powers during this period.  A year before in 1966 Sweden’s Anders Osbourne was born.  From both a player’s and listening perspective, its a great treat to have his latest disc on the show too, Black Eye Galaxy (street date this coming Tuesday).  Just as Jimi had ventured to England to make it big, Anders left his native country at age 16 and arrived here with $5 in his pocket.  Louisiana became his adopted home.  Both Jimi in the past and Anders in the present permeate their work with blues-tinged vibes and both are well versed in stepping outside of the proverbial music box.  That’s what I love about the new AO disc--so much so, I’ve already named it one of the Top 13 Croude discs of 2012.  While a generation apart, Black Eye Galaxy is filled with guitars as heavy as guitar can muster while being sublimely ethereal with its title track.  One of my colleagues thought Alligator an unusual label for AO--expecting more traditional blues tones. For me, if the record company is expanding in this way--loud shouts of bravo.  If you’re not Experienced (ok...last last pun, I promise) or even if you are, I highly reccomend headphones for tuning in this week.


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