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The Mom’s Day Croude: From Mahavishnu to Mumy

As the years go by, I’m more conscious of linking certain albums with certain holidays. Listening to and broadcasting from my bedroom as a kid was challenging. Not like radio. Since the speakers were not directly positioned in the windows, lots of extra amperage was required to make sure the neighborhood enjoyed what I did. I had more direct feedback from the rest of the household downstairs.

I didn’t have Arbitron or any real way of ascertaining the popularity of what I defined as Absolute Music. At the time I thought the term was my invention. Ok, I was wrong on this, and, by genre, what the Mahavishnu Orchestra had accomplished with Birds of Fire. Still it was “absolute music” to me as the family prepared to visit our local Chinese Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon for Mom’s Day. We called it The Chinese Restaurant. Not really sure if anyone called it differently now that I think of it. I still love that disc and the eatery. Can’t prove it right now but I suspect some record companies had more special versions of vinyl than others. So... given the great comments that came in on last week’s VinylRama, I've pulled out that glistening platter of black for this Mom’s Day show. Its still whisper quiet and the dynamic range as warm and cozy as the aromas that pervaded that restaurant.

But there’s more... as is tradition in Croudeland. All mom’s and grandmom’s are eligible for a singular giveaway. Tune in for details.

You’ll hear songs associated with the Day--both new and classic as well as sonic bookends for Birds of Fire. And as you enjoy the music, think of your Mom. She may be still be with you--or not. There’s a reason for the Fifth Commandment.

I’m sure you have memories. Feel free to share them as I’ve shared one here.


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