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May Day with Maida

Every few years or so, I can have fun with this.  Yet it’s hard to believe that the fifth month is upon us.  Almost that time of year when we actually start keeping the money we make after Uncle Sam has been taking his.

I digress – unusual pairings dominate our musical thread this week. 

Despite what people may think about David Lee Roth he did release one of the finest CDs of the late ’80s with the likes of Steve Vai.  Having Billy Sheehan along certaintly doesn’t hurt.  After listening to that you’ll be craving even more exotica.  Croudeland is happy to oblige with a progressive banjo rocker doing a song from YES which segues into the way too neglected defunct band Crack the Sky.

That’s a healthy dose of the past – moving into the present.  I’ve got the most recent Heart.  And polish my frets folks, even Alison Krauss joins Heart for a devastatingly beautiful “hymm.” That I’m not going to give away here.

Hard to believe the unofficial start of summer is just less than a month away. Loud and proud here gets us on the highway moving closer to that date.

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