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March Madness from Castle Croude

I probably don’t have to say it--but no basketball talk here. This week’s show begins with Napolean XVI... long, long ago and far, far away--before G. Lucas or mindless electioneering--and--ends in otherworldly fashion with a dance from the fourth rock from the Sun.

In between... an advance preview of Adam Cohen’s new disc which will be out in a month. Truly a case of the apple not falling from his father Leonard’s poetic tree. Great stuff. Impressive and a truly nice surprise. Equally eclectic is Dengue Fever... call it CA meets Cambodia. And we don’t forget the little guys. In CroudeSpeak there is no such thing. Great indies round out the show including two womeh who excel on ukes. No uke on U... is there ever? And in words of Keith Reid... still there will be more...

I can say that because they’re coming to take you away, ha ha... hee hee... to the cricket farm where never is there such alarm... and...


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