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LIVE vs. Studio and New Grill Recipe: A Crouded BBQ Part II “Surf ‘n’ Chirp”

Nothing like late night food served up with great music on a hot summer’s night! For your edification this week at Cafe Croude is my take on Simple Sesame Salmon from my kitchen adjacent to our sonic bistro. Before we run over to comestibles, the Music. Listen to the great Al D on the enclosed video clip while you’re scanning this. You’ll hear it in HD on the show this week.

Back in the late 60s I was not the world’s biggest fan of live recordings. Technology was certainly nowhere in its present glory and that made me lament so called “live releases” as opposed to better engineered studio efforts. I will admit I’ve changed my tune these many years later. Nowadays LIVE recordings are surpassing initial releases not only in their sound but also their performance. I’m not forsaking studio discs though. When you hear what Steve Morse (acoustic and electric) AND Chris Isaac can do, you’ll certainly understand. But we go “live” in a number of ways – including a sonic bath of luxury from Talking Heads, ZZ Top, SRV, Al Di Meola, and Heart. You will truly be amazed at these one-off performances.

Now to Cafe Croude....’re thinking some of these ingredients will spike your food budget, could be. They did mine. On the other hand, the slightly exotic ingredients go a long way when used with care. So let us begin.

Refer to last week’s Croude blog for grill set up. For the salmon I used two 6 oz. skinless fillets. 

The Maida Marinade:

orange juice [6 ounces]

healthy dash of Cointreau

two dashes of soy sauce

shake of onion powder

dash of red pepper sauce

dash of sea salt.

Let salmon marinate for 45 minutes-one hour in fridge flipping halfway through. Pat fish dry with paper towels. Dip lightly in dish with 2 tablespoons of walnut oil. Then coat fish on both sides by pressing into roasted sesame seeds on plate.

When coals are ready, coat fish griller with vegetable oil using paper towel to avoid food sticking. Fasten basket clip to secure fillets and grill until fish is firm to the touch.  Don’t over cook! They will grill quickly on both sides so you don’t want to walk away from this one. Garnish with alternating lemon and lime half moon slices and tune into into the Croude for your dessert!

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