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My favorite instruments are guitars and brass--and their forerunners from centuries ago. In this age - if we limit ourselves to circa 1969-71 - first thoughts gravitate to Miles Davis and the Allman Brothers. I had the honor of seeing the latter at the now defunct Fillmore East

While one artist mastered in improvisation with a huge ensemble, the others expanded the blurring lines of rock/blues/& jazz. It was as unsual in its own way for Miles to create Bitches Brew as it was for Gregg and Duane to incorporate 2 drummers and featured in Allman Brothers at Fillmore East. While I usually play about 12-13 songs each show--I’m making an exception this week. Extended forms from the Brothers and Miles. Remember - the average song length for radio play in the late ‘60s to early ‘70s was 3-4 minutes in length. The two artists you’ll hear this week have individual works in the 20-minute range. Not exactly radio friendly in those days.  Nothwithstanding, it didn’t hinder Miles from collecting his first Gold album.

Late summer music  for you midway in what I refer to as the pre-wistful month - Croude speak runs rampant at this time of the year (much to the delight of our social media director--at her suggestion I may develop a CroudeLightZone-esaurus). We can then test it out on the Olympic competitors and see if we medal in gold/silver/bronze eclectica.


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