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“I’m gonna wait for the midnight hour...”

That’s what they’re saying maybe in the middle of the Atlantic ocean...but remember you’ll need to adjust your Atavachron. Right here in Richmond,VA you won’t have to wait till the midnight hour--as the famous song goes.

Beginning this Saturday (August 31), The Electric Croude has its new permanent time slot at 10:00 p.m. EDT. As the cliche goes...you asked for it-- you got it. And no one could be happier than yours truly. Judging from all the responses I've seen on both the WCVE and Geo Maida facebook pages--you’re pleased too. 

My philosophy for the show is simple...famous or not had no bearing on who gets airplay. I have only one criteria...superlative music and I care not what genre. That’s why you’ll hear Jethro Tull next to Steve Fisher/Matthew Costello this week. The seque fits thematically and musically--that’s all that counts (by the way...a Croude exclusive). And so is the great music by The Taters after that--their tribute to Jellyfish is a pearl in any sonic ocean. In many ways Richmond’s hardest working band...and a perfect way to say this relaunch show pays dual tribute to the unofficial end of summer and our Labor Day weekend.

Unlike others who claim to play “anything,” I do--and don’t. The trouble with commercial radio is they play--or claim to--play anything all the time. That robs the song and the artist of the specialty of what’s real. You wouldn’t want to hear Christmas songs in July--so why would you want to hear a Don Henley classic in the middle of winter. The Croude plays to the seasons. A proper soundtrack for the night should incorporate as many diverse forms as possible--along with a careful balance of past greats and new discoveries. That’s why this week you’ll hear Suzanne Vega next to newcomer extraodinaire NY-er Carolann Solebello and why the mix includes everything as diverse as The Wonders and Art Farmer. Thoughts shift moods...and moods shift what you want to hear.

I’ve given you a taste of what to expect...the rest of your sonic smorgasboard served up promptly at 10:00 p.m. EDT on WCVE Public Radio simul streaming at ideastations.org/radio. Thanks for making The Electric Croude Central Virginia’s longest running eclectic show during these 28 years!


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