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“If you really need a mystery, I’d recommend the human heart--”

That title is a line from reclusive billionaire Harold Finch to an NSA analyst running for his life--for asking too many questions about a machine capable of keeping tabs on all americans--while technically not violating Fourth Amendment rights. Both TV characters are fictional from the CBS series called Person of Interest. There is a parallel with real-life Edward Snowden--except this episode (No Good Deed) of the series came out years before our awareness of Snowden. Over the past decades there has been an uneasy mix of truth and fiction not only in popular media--but actual reporting, too. You may be familiar with author James Bamford who has appeared on NPR news magazines countless times. In the past he has written and spoken about Operation Northwoods.

Also...this audio clip refers to Operation Northwoods--an atrocity that nearly took place during the Kennedy administration and vetoed by the then sitting president.

How does this relate to the tragedies of September 11th? Its a question that remains to be answered. In any context, we have become a nation of too many reporters and too few journalists. Satisfaction for the moment--reality TV is a great witness to that. There are some who want Sept. 11 to be just another day...others feel there are significant areas to be explored that mainstream media will not. A few years ago Russia Today, which airs on our sister PBS stations as a part of the MHz news shows, did give a forum to those who question conventional wisdom.

This will be the 12th year I've done a memorial show by way of The Electric Croude. I don’t want to forget that day. I hope you don’t either. At least 17 were killed from my high school in Queens, NY. Music from artists has its own way of triggering feelings, bringing memories to bear and ultimately allowing us to move on. That’s my hope. So when you hear both American and foreign, famous and local music this week on the program, please keep that in mind. Each song and/or instrumental is important to me....whether Blind Faith, Jeff Beck, PJ Harvey, Suzanne Vega, Apocalyptica, Dead Can Dance, Kati Mac, Psalm, Twisted Gypsies, and Roy Buchanan

Speaking of Kati Mac, she was a Ground Zero witness. Being a musician she wrote a song you’ll never forget about what she saw. You’ll hear my interview with her as well.


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