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Hot Weather Cool Music: A Crouded BBQ Part I

Yes… RECIPES! Read On. An invitation to share yours, too.

Every season has its music. Best example is Christmas. You wouldn't expect to hear It Came Upon A Midnight Clear on the Croude in July… well, maybe you would. 

By similar analogy I would never play Eric Johnson's Desert Rose in December. But you will hear it on this show. For me there are certain sound colours, time signatures and vibes that characterize every month of the year. The aforementioned EJ song has July written all over it.

So do the earlier recordings of Al Di Meola… they are featured this week too. Rounding out the mix are classics by Huey Lewis & the News, The Kinks and a whole lot more. Summertime isn't summertime for me without a healthy dose of new and old blues. That's served up too in classic fashion with a great jam of CC Rider featuring the BluesbreakersMick Taylor has stood the test of time and ranks among the most tasteful guitarists to every pick up a slide. Along with John Mayall, John Mcvie and special guests like Albert King, Buddy Guy, Etta James, Sippie Wallace and friends--a rare and powerfully charged 14 minutes. A chunk of the laid back before moving to the scorching tele of Joe Bonamassa--who will be on the show in November when he hits town.

Music satisfies the spirit… for the stomach. See below:

This is tried and true – tested by yours truly as THE CHEAPEST RE-USABLE GRILL IN THE WORLD. All you need is a large rectangular aluminum roasting pan – a few inches deep – a couple of thin oven racks, and also from the grocery store, some charcoal. You can use match lit in a bag or a chimney to get the coals ready. Total cost way under $10. And if you douse the coals and let them dry out for next use… your $$ can go that much farther. Be sure to have your pan on a non flammable or melting surface such as cement. Once you're experienced, you've entered the realm of grill master in Croudeland. No need for expensive propane grills. If you want to get fancy, get a fish filet griller, the kind that opens and secures with a moveable clamp. I use mine for Italian sausages. Lightly rub the links in extra virgin olive oil and then roll in dried Italian seasoning. No more hassles with links moving to the music and off the grill.

On my last venture I grilled the sausages first (next day's meal if you have will power) and then a marinated London Broil. I used a Texas marinade variation with bourbon, sugar, sesame oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger, red pepper flakes. Let the steak soak for 2-4 hours in the fridge and you're cooking with gas – even if though you aren't. That's food for a few days for me and giving me more time to listen and play music. Mick Taylor has given me an itch for slide, so I've been using a g minor open tuning of late. I set up one of my ultra cheap (sense a pattern here?) tele's with higher action for this… although cheap in $$$ not in sound nor looks with EMG designed pups.

Grill and Chill as they say in Croudeland. Have a summer recipe you'd like to share?  Send it to me.

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