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Green is Blue

Not widely known in this country is St. Patrick’s Blue – a name applied to several shades of the latter symbolic of Ireland. That’s not what the show is about this week.

As one being descended from “romanized Celts” (talk about oxymoronic history) as one source details, I have a bit of a problem with the holiday as allegedly celebrated in America. Anyone familiar with the life of “St. Patrick” knows he didn’t traipse around the countryside swilling green beer and vocalizing diddlidee and diddliday. Having spent years as a slave before escaping and becoming an evangelist for early Christianity, he had more acquaintance with sorrows than frivolity. Or as we say here – the blues.

So in that spirit, I offer new material (on my 3/12 show) representative of that genre – rather than the so-called cliches usually associated with this day. Perhaps the good saint will look down from Heaven and give a nod of approval for this tangential tribute. Or at least, raise an eyebrow for this differential.

My way of remembering him instead of munching on a green bagel.

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