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The Electric Croude Remembers September 11th

This year The Electric Croude, a weekly local feature of your Community Idea Stations, airs just hours shy prior to the attack on our American homeland 10 years ago. In this one hour special, listeners will hear a variety of vocal and instrumental works that remind us that while we should never forget – music has its own transcendental way of providing a simultaneous memorial and a healing balm like nothing else can. A variety of styles and artists ranging from local musicians to national and international will be featured, with a unique musical perspective as we remember past victims, the heroism of first responders, survivors and their families, while contemplating our own current freedom and sustaining heritage.

A number of Americans have a personal relationship to this day and I’m no different. I’ll remember those lost with a special roll call from my high school, Holy Cross, in Queens, NY. They include first responders and those who perished at work in the WTC towers, as well as a priest who was on one of the hijacked planes.

The Electric Croude airs late Saturday at midnight EDT and streams simultaneously on WCVE Public Radio at