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Duane, Terje, and Alex

This week’s show is something of a time traveling sandwich–the late 1990s surrounded by the 70’s–and 3 different areas of the world to boot featuring our own South with Duane Allman, Scandanavia with Norwegian born Terje Rypdal, and Canada’s six-string maestro Alex Lifeson.

There are a ton of different bands I didn’t get to see as a kid--one that I did was the original Allman Brothers line up during the closing days of the Fillmore East. Sometimes I can’t recall where the car keys are. But all these decades later, I’ll never forget the room tone, the rich harmonic content and virtuosity of seeing Duane play slide. Even now as I type this, I can hear it in my head. Its a shame that commercial rock stations limit themselves to Ramblin’ Man. There is so much more the Brothers gave us. I’m happy to pass that on this week on the Croude.

Its probably a done deal to say Terje Rypdal’s music may be foreign to most listeners (not if you tune into this show). TR is as home with a blistering Strat as with composing classical--and yes, you’ve heard his music on Classical Evening which I produce nightly here on WCVE, too. Citing his freeform jazz flights requires another breath. What you’ll hear on the show this week is his dream band on the SKYWARDS release. I won’t attempt to limit his music with any musical genre.

Switching gears for a third time... a very young Alex Lifeson coloring in the lines of Neil Peart’s wordplay. Wordplay and ideas is courtesy of Ayn Rand’s writings. If you look at all the controversies and reader interest on the net regarding Rush’s The Fountain of Lamneth, its no secret Peart maintains the mystery that he does. As innovative on the instrumental side fleshing all this out are Alex Lifeson’s guitars--from a Julian Bream touch on classical to raw and primitive jangling roars that lifeboat Peart’s somtimes obstruse tales. Geddly Lee in no less capable here--its easy to see why Al Di Meola’s bass player Mike Pope once told me Geddy was a big influence on his own playing.

A Tale of Three Cities this week in Croudeland... Altanta/Oslo/Toronto.


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