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Carry a 6 Pack – of Jazz Standards

For week two of International Guitar Month on The Electric Croude, we’ll hear some of Richmond’s best from the jazz community. Thirteen years ago, Emme St. James was just starting out. Now she’s a seasoned professional. With the Jazz Gentlemen joining her in the studios of Castle Croude, Emme cut exclusive tracks LIVE for us recently.  With guitar virtuoso Alan Parker and upright bassist Rusty Farmer, one take standards became the order of the day – or night if you prefer.

Parker’s new CD Connection will also be featured. Both LIVE and on record you’ll be treated to his vintage 1969 Gibson 150.

Those tuned into All Things Considered this week during our 2011 Spring Membership Drive were treated to a sneak preview of their virtuosity. Everyone else invited to tune into The Electric Croude this Saturday on WCVE Public Radio at the midnight hour EDT (also simul-streaming online at

Now 26 years young as a weekly program – more surprises are ahead during April including a special holiday re-broadcast in two weeks from the vault!

Enjoy this video teaser of the in-studio performance by Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen:

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