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Carol Lipnik : Queen of NY Eclectica

As a musical artist if you're submitting your material for a CD sampler or elsewhere, its not unusual to be asked on a form how do you describe your music....folk, new age, alternate or fill in the blank.  Labels are the bane of classifying modernn creativity and that brings us to the subject of this week's primary focus.  The ever unpredictable and always challenging Carol Lipnik

I've been enjoying her operatic-life sonic soarings since the early 1980s when basement 4-channel cassettes tapes were gifted to me by a mutual friend and musician.  Then came Bow Down Moon....Carol's first full length CD dating to 1998.  I still have the original pressing before it was factory labeled. Then as now you can find her recording as Carol Lipnik & Spookarama.  She's still as charasmatic and undefinable as the shaking of a vintage wooden coaster in Coney Island.

With a string of CDs to her credit, Carol remains primarily undiscovered (outside of the NY metropolitan area).  As humble as she is talented, when you do come upon her work, you'll feel like I did all those years ago happening upon an Edwin Corley novel.  One could easily write a white paper on alleged sources you think have influenced her, but that would be pointless.  If you could talk about it, why paint it?

During my talk with her by phone recently, this visual artist now songstress describes her music, philosophy and her newest release M.O.T.H.  It is safe to say not a reference in poetry to 1950s horror flicks has escaped influencing this one-of-a-kind conceptualist.  This Saturday night you'll have a chance to experience her music and her musings.  I had a great time speaking with her after these decades of sharing her music on-air.

As a prelude to this special flavor of NY, I offer my own first act of Second Season June Memories, all shaken in the bingo cage of yours truly as a former Long Islander. And my thanks to Colonel Beaugregard.

Add one part John Fogarty, a dash of root beer fizzies with She & Him and a dash of possibly Rod Serling inspired monster music via  Fleetwood Mac that FM Radio no longer shares (except for me) might have an idea.

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