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Café Croude: The Sonic Bistro

Third Season and Winter we broadcast from Castle Croude. In the summer months we use the Atavachron to pass through and float on the quantum sea of scalar imagination. Pun in and unintended. But in hot weather we become Café Croude.

For random effect – put more simply and to the point – I have a great musical journey in store for you, both electric and acoustic. This hot Saturday night, I've got the new Brian Setzer disc – one of the top 13 discs of the year, and also given the highest ranking of 13 Crickets (Hermie approved).

Also I’ll have the nostalgic sounds of Herb Alpert & The Who in a single seque to demonstrate the majesty of brass in totally different capacities just 5 years apart.

Our H.G. Wells Aural Machine will compress and re-orient Medley to the Nth power by way of Steve Morse. There’s new material from The Sounds, older ghostings of PJ Harvey, the 128db Leppard and much more, including great indies.

Its going to be a warm night for this special midnight right and you don’t need a reservation at Cafe Croude. Just a good pair of ears.

The Electric Croude airs every late Saturday at 12midnight EDT on WCVE Public Radio HD simul streaming on

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