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CA Express This Week: Barry Cleveland & Historic Janis

Sound is endlessly fascinating for me...glorious Stereo. And Mono. I’ll take it all. And both are being served up on The Electric Croude this week courtesy of Barry Cleveland--Assoc. Editor of Guitar Player magazine & Big Brother and the Holding Company.

The former--in conversation and music. The latter, by way of a concert held 45 years ago to the day of our broadcast. Before it was the Fillmore West, that venue was known as the Carousel Ballroom. Just another live recording? Radical sound and concepts from an engineer known as Bear - using only a 2 channel Nagra & simple mixing desk, Bear defied conventional recording techniques spurning cardiod microphones for omnipresent. He believed in single point source as the way to hear bands--so--if you don’t mind switching the furniture around and pushing your speakers together--that’s the way he intended you to hear Janis Joplin and company. We’ll be samplling that. If you keep your speakers in normal positions of separation--you’ll hear very discrete channels which may seem a bit odd. Bear was way ahead of his time and completely unorthodox.

In that capacity he reminds me of Joe Meek. My special guest, Barry Cleveland shared his thoughts on JM during our chat. As one of only a handful of editors of Guitar Player magazine--you will learn a lot about publishing, musicianship, state of the art mastering--and be treated to his music...from the entrancing instrumental Arab Spring to his album Hologramatron. If you’re familiar with the magazine you already are aware of his insightful interviews, CD reviews and detailed product assesments invaluable to the readership of guitar community. In the past I've been very glad to have others from GP on the Croude--Michael Molenda--editor-in-chief, the bottomless well of knowledge from writer Dave Hunter, jazz virtuoso and teacher Jake Hertzog--so, this week very happy to add Barry Cleveland to the show’s roster.


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