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Heaven, Hell and the Blues

Its Mom's Day and the 100th birtday of blues legend Robert Johnson on The Electric Croude. A special giveaway for Moms, exploring the music of R.J. and contrasting it with the lighter side of reality with bluesman and preacher Blind Willie McTell. Also observations & music from Robert Plant, Keith Richards, Billy Gibbons and how Johnson influenced them.

May Day with Maida

Every few years or so, I can have fun with this.  Yet it’s hard to believe that the fifth month is upon us.  Almost that time of year when we actually start keeping the money we make after Uncle Sam has been taking his.

I digress – unusual pairings dominate our musical thread this week. 


Strange title – well, yes. And obviously a play on words. The Italian flag colours in honor of Italian musicians as we celebrate International Guitar Month and Richard White, who will be in our studio this week as we talk about his new band Divining Sage and disc The Universe Room.

Instrumentally Yours: Celebrating International Guitar Month

Instrumentalists have been the bastard step children of the music industry.  Not the will of the public but corporate suits who think they know what the public wants.  Even Steve Morse--one of the finest guitarists on the planet--was told "get a singer and we'll get back to you."  Despite the global succes of Morse, record companies for the most part still don't get it.

My listeners do and I'm sure the artists I'm playing this week would appreciate that as much as I do.

The Melting of Fourth Season

When the show begins this late Saturday at midnight the cool temps will no doubt chain me to that last vestige of Fourth Season. However, spring will have arrived and I'm musically prepared for that, too. Can't think of a better way to begin our Spring show than with new music from Al Petteway & Amy White via High in the Blue Ridge (also closing bookends at the end of the Croude).

Parallels in Vinyl

This week (3/5/11) keyboards and guitar – then and (sort of) now. Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman hail from the progressive rock group FOCUS from the 1970’s and for better or worse, they are remembered for Hocus Pocus, something that guitarist Akkerman is not exactly fond of (he has expanded his role over the decades as a specialist in early music as well). Some of their most interesting jams took place on the disc Focus III. The original is out of print but you’ll be set right by way of my snap, crinkle & pop (a.k.a.


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