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Our Local Connection

Its fun to have musicians like Mike Stern, Thomas Youngblood, Mike Pope et alia during Guitar Month--but--we’ve got a host of great musicians in our own backyard. And that’s what the show is about this week--concentrating on Virginia pickers.

"Jazz with Jake" / The Electric Croude & International Guitar Month

Guitar Player magazine got it right calling Jake Hertzog the ambassador to the non-jazz world. Readers of GP know that Jake is a talented Berklee educated musician--and as eloquent as he is smart. I was thrilled to chat  by phone with him recently at his place in NYC as he readied for a gig at the prestigious Iridium club.

The Girl Born Twice

In a “what if” scenario, the U.S. Constitution is suspended and America reverts to ancient Rome’s bread and circuses – modern technology replaces the sword and executions are televised.  Everything not approved by the governing powers is forced underground – from music to Faith.


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