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Teles, Strats, & Pauls O My!...Southern Style

For non guitar players, that’s the way we 6-stringers often refer to the iconic invention of Leo Fender & Les Paul.The 
The Telecaster, Stratoscaster and Les Paul--3 different guitar styles which have fueled the music industry and every musical genre you can imagine. It could take months to definitely survey all the categories and sub-categories where these great electric guitars were used.

Tonight...a shortcut. At least as long as one hour will allow. And so we enter southern soul/blues/alt country.


Could you name the band that played on more #1 hits than the Beatles, Stones, Elvis and Beach Boys combined? A great trivia question--more importantly--a great slice of music history.

They were called The Funk Brothers--not only did they play on ALL those great Motown hits but they are they are still influential today--think everyone from Talking Heads to Jeff Beck.

Our Local Connection

Its fun to have musicians like Mike Stern, Thomas Youngblood, Mike Pope et alia during Guitar Month--but--we’ve got a host of great musicians in our own backyard. And that’s what the show is about this week--concentrating on Virginia pickers.


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