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An American Saturday Night

This particular holiday weekend is perhaps one of the most bizarre for me.  The commercial media ratio of advertising to awareness of Memorial Day is....well, I dont' have to tell you.  My late Dad was a vet of WWII.  So are some of my fave departed uncles who also served overseas.  At the oddest moments I'll sometimes think of them under fire with the hell of war surrounding them.  Because of what they did I'm here.  And the domino effect through the decades is this radio station, the weekly Croudes you tune in and our general way of life.

Having said that I do enjoy the celebratory feel of the day even though its an act of will to not let the brain numbing ads mar all of this.  I especially enjoy the music that is uniquely ours.  Americana to the Nth power. So that's what I'm sharing with you this week.  As one of them darn transpanted Yankees I've got a teaser of a cut from the new Brian Setzer disc – and no, its not played on guitar.  I'm leaving that as a surprise which will blow you away.  The rest of the music has a decidedly Southern texture and in more than one case, out of print.  So keep your recorders handy.

In the mix, one of the best female groups ever to grace a stage or studio....Wild Rose.  And great classics from the Allman Bros that no other station in town will play.

A special memory for me as my first rock concert had the Allmans' headling at the Fillmore East. Our first set opens with women and closes with a dedication to a special one by way of the Dixie Dregs....Gina Lola Breakdown.  As the phrase goes, you don't have to be famous to be on the Croude, just good.  That's certainly the case with our local connection and pals Steve Fisher, Doug Austin and Ray Tolson.  Ray loves Teles and does yours what better seque from RT and guest artist Will Ray to Rank and File.  Talk about Americana on the tracks....[pun intended].  Its locomotion Warp Nine.

So on this holiday enjoy the weekend, toss the flyers and tv ads, let the Croude be your soundtrack and we'll celebrate an American Saturday Night and treasure it just like the Brad Paisley song of same title which will close the show.

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