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Ahh...coustic, this week? Part II of IGM on The Electric Croude

Never say never... but our mix this week is generally sprinkled with great in-studio performances by Chris Lucas, Laura Ann Singh and husband & wife virtuosi Rusty and Susan Farmer. Yes, this is part II of International Guitar Month. Last week we kicked off our month long celebration with Mike Molenda, ed-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, now in its 45th year.

Its also Resurrection Sunday. A number of very unusal vocal and instrumental recordings will grace the late night air waves. Rod Serling is no longer with us, but in this Croude-Light Zone, you’ll come across the strange wordplay of easter vs Resurrection as Miles Davis floats the verbal monograph.

Aside from that, a great surprise by one of Richmond’s singing poets, Gerry Laverty. Out of the vault and only recorded in the last week, his Sky High puts him in the talent realm of Francis Thompson. In this early part of the 21st century, this epitomizes how a single voice and guitar can inspire.

Its always fun to mix live performances with studio recordings that melodically compliment a theme--and for that I’m glad to include the likes of Dylan, Gentile Giant, the Dregs, Alex Lifeson, the Rez Band and more.

While I never tire of the 100watt side of the universe, I take as much delight in the quieter side of musical reality too.

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Coming up on April 21, Mike Matthews of Electro Harmonix and April 28, guitar/amp/pedals expert and author, Dave Hunter.