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New Release: Parisian Inspirations

The Paris Conservatory is steeped in deep musical traditions and is widely considered to be a model for education in Europe, especially for the flute. Paul Taffanel (1844-1908) taught there and is considered a founding father of the modern day French flute school. In this new release, flutist Dionne Jackson (who studied at the Conservatory) explores music by a variety of French composers that she feels “a direct lineage” to, as many of her professors had either known or studied with these composers or their pupils and proteges. She is joined by pianist Marija Stroke.

  1. Paul Taffanel: Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino (1907)
    Dionne Jackson (flute) and Marija Stroke (piano)
  2. Eugène Bozza: Image pour flûte seule, Op. 38 (1939)
    Dionne Jackson (flute)
  3. Francis Poulenc: Sonate pour flûte et piano (1957)
    Dionne Jackson (flute) and Marija Stroke (piano)