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New Release: Fred Lerdahl--Volume Five

​Composer Fred Lerdahl’s music has been commissioned and performed by major chamber ensembles and orchestras in the United States and around the world. Bridge Records is producing an ongoing series devoted to his music. Volume Five includes performances by Windscape, Quattro Mani, the Weiss-Kaplan-Stumpf Trio and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

  1. Fred Lerdahl: Episodes and Refrains
    Windscape (Tara Helen O’Connor, Randal Ellis, Alan R. Kay, Frank Morelli and David Jolley)
  2. Fred Lerdahl: Times 3 (II. Cycles)
    Weiss-Kaplan-Stumpf Trio (Yael Weiss, Mark Kaplan and Peter Stumpf)
  3. Fred Lerdahl: Time and Again
    The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
    Roberto Abbado, conductor