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It's a Concrete Jungle Out There

I have a confession. I'm all over the map on this week's World Music Show (10/22). But that's ok, right? I mean, the whole fun of doing a radio show in the World Music genre is that you and I get to be globe trotters. So, for fun this week, you should grab your World Atlas and play follow the bouncing ball with me as we head to some great musical regions.

Tinkering Around Latin America

Coming up on this week's World Music Show:

I've always been sort of a mobile person. You know, jumped from one location to the next every few years. And though I'm currently calling Richmond home, my starting place was in California. That state is one big plot of land, and for the most part, I've lived in some of the best places that state has to offer. I grew up in Los Angeles, but also lived in Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Oakland. And one of the benefits of those cities is the amount of great music that each has to offer.

Stars and their Sitars

On last week’s World Music Show we looked back at some of the originators of World Music from the 1950s & 60s. This week (October 8th), we’re taking a similar vein in looking back. But let’s start with a question. Do you remember when you first heard The Beatles song “Norwegian Wood?” I do. I was very young of course and into playing my older brother’s records (eventually I’d get my own) and I remember putting on “Rubber Soul” and really liking that sound that I knew wasn’t a guitar, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Turns out, it was a sitar.


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