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Some Super Twangy Guitar

This week (4/6) I've had some twangy guitar riding around the trails of my mind. Why? Well, I just like the sound of this style of guitar, which I mostly find in South Africa. That style I'd twangy, jangly and just downright fun to hear. I think I first became aware of this sound when I first heard Paul Simon's breakthrough album "Graceland." I can still hear many of the opening tracks. With that, many of the tracks in the first hour are from South Africa--like the band Elias Mathbula & the Chivani Sisters and the band Majozi.

Instrumentally Yours: Celebrating International Guitar Month

Instrumentalists have been the bastard step children of the music industry.  Not the will of the public but corporate suits who think they know what the public wants.  Even Steve Morse--one of the finest guitarists on the planet--was told "get a singer and we'll get back to you."  Despite the global succes of Morse, record companies for the most part still don't get it.

My listeners do and I'm sure the artists I'm playing this week would appreciate that as much as I do.

A Cool Drink of Water

So recently, I was trapped in the desert, scraping my knees against the grainy sand from palm tree to palm tree, hoping to find a cool drink of water. Instead, I found some great music to ease my travels and propel me to find a nice mirage to whittle away the hours while baking under the hot sun. Well, ok, that whole mini-story was of course a travesty of my imagination. But, the true part was the music.

I Still Dance to Ska Music

So, I have a confession to make. I still dance to Ska music, as well as to Reggae music, too. What's the difference? Well, Ska dancing has more of an arm swinging, loopy sort of movement; while Reggae dancing--to me--is more of a swaying sort of dance. Why the admission? Well, this week part of The World Music Show is dedicated to Ska, Reggae and Dub music (more on what that is in a bit).


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