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Media Sponsorship Application

The Community Idea Stations have the capacity to accommodate a limited number of media sponsorships on 88.9 WCVE Public Radio (for Richmond organizations) and WHTJ PBS (for Charlottesville organizations) on an annual basis. We accept applications for media sponsorships on an ongoing basis, and decisions are made quarterly.

April 1—for media sponsorships occurring in June 1 through August 31
Decisions will be made by April 10; grantees notified by April 15.

July 1—for media sponsorships occurring in September 1 through November 30
Decisions made by July 10; grantees notified by July 15.

October 1—for media sponsorships occurring in December 1 through February 28
Decisions made by October 10; grantees notified by October 15.

January 1—for media sponsorships occurring in March 1 through May 31
Decisions made by January 10; grantees notified by January 15.

To be considered for a media sponsorship your organization must be a non-profit or community service organization. Organizations chosen for a media sponsorship will receive 30 announcements promoting an event in exchange for promotional consideration for the Community Idea Stations. Our Media Sponsorship Committee will determine the winning applications based on those that most closely align with our mission, impact goals and audiences. Organizations are limited to receiving a maximum of one media sponsorship per year.

Details about your event.

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Details about your organization.

The Community Idea Stations strive to achieve the following through our programs and services: create a more vibrant arts community, bring awareness to the importance of science, technology, engineering and math, explore and showcase history and its significance in our world, provide information about current events that helps audiences understand current issues, and engage children’s interests in learning. Please describe any connection your organization and/or event has to one or more of these.