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Super Vision App: Be A Super Parent

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 2:08pm -- WCVE

Designed specifically for parents, the PBS KIDS Super Vision™ app helps you monitor and make the most of what your child is learning and playing on

By entering a simple code in the app, you’ll connect your mobile device to start monitoring and receiving real-time information about what your child is playing, watching, and learning on This app also provides off-screen activity ideas that are related to your child’s interests to help build key skills.

Other tools offered within the app that help to maximize your child’s learning experience include:

  • Setting a Play Timer to help your child transition from playing online to another activity
  • Receiving an Activity Summary to view the top educational skills, shows, videos and games your child used on
  • Accessing more PBS KIDS educational mobile apps

Download the free App through iTunes.