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Summer Learning Tips: August 25-29

Thank you for participating the the PBS KIDS Summer Learning Project. We hope that you found the weekday Summer Learning Tips helpful. With Back-to-School just around the corner, this week's tips focus on getting ready for that big day.

August 25 - A picnic at your child’s school!
If the weather’s nice, why not go on a picnic at your child’s school playground or athletic field? Bring along some favorite foods or snacks and a read-aloud book. That way your child will already have a happy memory before starting the new school year.

August 26 - Go on a trial run to school!
Is your child walking to school or waiting for the bus? You may want to go on a trial run to make sure he/she is familiar with the route to school or the stop location. It is also a good time to review your family address and phone numbers. You might enjoy the Crazy Bus game from Arthur too.

August 27 - It’s Wacky Wednesday!
Why not try a little role reversal? Have your child be the teacher and choose something to teach to you. It would also be a great time to review class rules and expectations.

August 28 - Practice making a school lunch.
Will your child be bringing lunch to school this year? If so, you can get him/her involved by practicing making lunch with you or talk about what makes a good lunch. You can even have him/her write up a recipe for a favorite snack or sandwich.

August 29 - It’s great to start the new school year out with a clean, organized room.
Your child can practice math skills like sorting and categorizing while cleaning up. If your child has a desk, remove all the old papers and recycle them. The books and toys that your child has out grown can be given to a younger child or a teacher of younger children. Reduce, reuse, or recycle when possible. Have your child help Curious George clean his room!