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Summer Learning Tips: August 18-22

Summer is coming to a close and some of you have probably even started school already! Whether your children are at home or in school, there are still a variety of opportunities throughout each day for learning. Let’s make the most of it with these fun Summer Learning Tips:

August 18 - Play some classic playground games!
While you still have a few days before you child goes back to school, why not play some classic playground games? Games like hop scotch are good opportunities to practice numbers and get a little exercise at the same time. Need some inspiration? Check out Wikipedia’s list of traditional children’s games.

August 19 - Hunt for things that start with the letters of the alphabet!
If you’re out running back-to-school errands today, have your child hunt for things that start with the letters of the alphabet or quiz him/her on the names of the school supplies and items you’re buying. Older children can help with the budget by adding the cost as the items go in the shopping cart. They can also do some comparison shopping. Which product is the best value?

August 20 - It’s Wacky Wednesday!
And that means it’s a good day for a wacky word mix-up. Grab some paper and write down a variety of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Get creative, and encourage your child to come up with some of her own. Then, cut them up and see how many silly mix-up sentences you can create. Remember Mad Libs? Perhaps you can find some online.

August 21 - Why not explore measurement and weight today?
If it is a hot day, take the fun outside and have some water play time. Experiment with quart, pint, cup, tablespoon, and teaspoon measures and water. Ask questions. How many cups make a pint? How many cups in a quart? Your child might enjoy the measurement games on the Cyberchase website.

August 22 - Have a family game night!
Pull out some classic word & letter games like Bingo, letter sorters, Scrabble Jr. or Boggle. If your child is an early learner, play on teams and work together to create words or identify letters.